With my continuing experience as a musician, especially since 2011, when Räjäyttäjät got started, I am now quite accustomed to using a range of digital audio work stations (most recently Ableton Live) for recording, mixing, editing, and sometimes even for performing with in live situations. I have, for instance, used Wii-controllers to trigger and control a digital musical interface (most recently in July, 2018 at Ilmiö festival). This was something I first explored in my Masters thesis in Music, Mind and Technology.

Playing in a range of very different venues and circumstances has led to me to develop my confidence both in using the technology to record others with various different requirements and my own ability to perform. This is NOT Räjäyttäjät, for instance:

I have also recorded audiobooks for my children and done voice acting for commercial videos. For the latter, I can also check the English to be read before recording, as part of an all-inclusive service at no extra cost. I’ve also recently been acting in a nationally broadcast TV advertising campaign in Finland.